Protecting privacy while using electronic devices

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(NC) Many of us are whipping ourselves into shape and organizing their lives with the help of electronic devices, such as fitness trackers and voice-controlled personal assistants. Those gadgets, however, come with privacy risks attached.

Increased connectivity offers many benefits, but it also allows your activities to be tracked, measured and analyzed by the manufacturer of the product or the developers of the apps you use. That’s why the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is recommending that Canadians not be too quick to trade away their privacy rights for innovation, efficiency or someone else’s commercial gain.

We can all take steps to protect our privacy and to prevent electronic devices from collecting too much personal information. Simple steps such as checking how your personal information will be used and shared as well as turning off internet-connected devices when you don’t need them can help reduce privacy risks.

Before buying an internet-connected device, check how it uses and shares personal information. Check whether it is possible to not provide some information and still use the product as intended. You might also decide that, for you, the risks outweigh the benefits.

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