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Whether you’re running a solo practitioner, a hospital or clinic administrator, you’re tethered to technology. In every case, your healthcare IT solutions and infrastructure need to be able to keep patient records, access clinical research, improve collaborative medicine, streamline communication with your patients and much more. Keeping that technology up, running and secured 24/7/365 is a multi-faceted challenge, especially on a set budget. That’s why we provide healthcare and medical IT support in Ottawa that provides peace of mind.

Advantages of Healthcare IT Solutions
& Medical IT Support from eSolutions

Improve Care

When it comes to routine things, such as checking test results and making appointments, patients don’t want to have to call. We’ll leverage technology to make the connection between you and your patients more seamless and stronger.

Stay Secure & Compliant

Being in an industry where regulations are constantly changing, you need to stay up to date with how your applications store data, how you store data, and how your network transmits private information. eSolutions can help so you can focus on patients, not IT compliance issues.

Increase Efficiency

Your patient care and treatment is top priority. Trust us to minimize downtime, keep things up to date, and give you back the time to focus on projects that enhance standards and deliver better outcomes.

Save Money

Look to eSolutions for proactive support that gives you a healthier bottom line. Remote monitoring removes the need for onsite IT staff, plus we can manage vendor relationships to get you the best prices on the latest technologies.

We’ll diagnose, treat and cure all of your technology challenges.

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