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You’re being judged by the reliability and security of your IT. Are you up to the test?

Your law firm is constantly faced with two profitability pressures, keeping clients happy and keeping costs low. To do both effectively and efficiently, you must have a solid IT solution that provides practice management systems, online research tools, unified communications, private networks, CRM and much more. Plus, you need to have 24/7/365 access to important client data, but you also need to ensure that data remains protected from prying eyes. eSolutions’ legal services include IT support in Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor, ON unparalleled to other managed service providers. Providing the proper legal IT support is important, and we’re here to help.

Advantages of Legal IT Services & Support from eSolutions

Improve Client Relations

Your clients interact with your technologies every day. How well your IT supports those interactions drives customer perceptions of your firm—and your success.

Access Mobility

Your team is in meetings or out of the office much of the time. They compensate for that with mobile devices to make decisions and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Those devices have to be connected to your network, identified, inventoried and monitored all the time.

Increase Security

Mobilizing your firm opens you up to new security risks. A hacking event or lost phone can be detrimental. Your technology has to be bulletproof against risk. eSolutions implements security measures including remote wipe capability to ensure your security.

Boost Performance

Time is valuable for you and your clients. Whatever systems you use for case management, research, unified communications and more, inconsistent performance or complete downtime directly affects your bottom line.

Slash the cost of buying and managing technology with legal IT support.

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