Non-Profit IT Services

Bringing Non-Profit IT Support Relief so You Can Serve Others

Reaching and surpassing set goals is the driving force behind your non-profit organization. Timelines are always tight and people are depending on you to come through. If that weren’t enough, you also work on a limited budget with strict fiscal requirements, making it more challenging to get the quality assets you need for optimal operations.

Advantages of eSolutions Non-Profit IT Support

Keep Costs Low

We work within your budget to deliver IT solutions and support that meet your unique needs. Our competitive fee billing model keeps costs predictable. Knowing your expenses up front helps you stay within your defined budget and plan well into the future.

Strengthen Your Team

eSolutions has built an excellent team of experts who’re ready to join yours. We’re empathetic communicators who deliver quick, friendly, efficient, complete and accurate support at a fraction of the cost of hiring one in-house IT employee.

Stay Secure

Our expert team monitors your systems day and night to protect all of the important data you collect, process and store. We implement preventative measures to ensure the security of your systems and protect them from natural and man-made disasters.

Collaborate Easily

Collaboration is key to managing your resources and money. Our technology streamlines operations, reduces the workload for your staff and volunteers, and saves you money.

We’ll give you everything we’ve got so you can give to others.

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