IT Vendor Management 

One Source to Handle All Your Technology Vendors

Simplifying the Vendor Management Process to Make Life Easier

Virtually every IT solution involves multiple technologies and vendors. When an issue arises, determining who to call for what assistance can turn into a nightmare. Sometimes, it’s difficult to even isolate the problem to a single device or vendor, leading to finger-pointing wars—with you stuck in the middle.

eSolutions manages your vendors and acts as your single point of contact for any and all of your technological needs. Gone are the days of keeping up with various vendors for your phone systems, computer equipment, networking equipment, copiers and other applications. Plus, you’ll benefit from having a knowledgeable partner that constantly evaluates solutions and negotiates with vendors to ensure you get the best services and pricing possible.

Benefits of IT Vendor Management
from eSolutions

Problems Solved Faster

Benefit from a deep understanding of technologies and detailed information about your vendors’ support services. We’ll get your tech support issues resolved quickly.

Expert Advice

Don’t be overwhelmed by “geek speak” and technical jargon. We’ll answer any questions you have and make unbiased recommendations of what technologies work best together.

Single Point of Contact

Instead of having to keep track of multiple sales, service and support contacts at each vendor, you only need to call one place. We’ll handle contact management, as well as multi-vendor integration, issue and dispute management, vendor risk management and more.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Looking to consolidate vendors or re-evaluate contracts with current vendors? We’ll negotiate for you to ensure you get the best possible technical solution—as well as the best price—so you can continue to service customers and focus on growth.

Don’t juggle vendors—let us be your single source to resolve issues.

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